Saturday, February 11, 2012

The "tummy-ache" disease

My year was 4th, it seems that for my son it will be 3rd grade.  We have the dreaded "tummy-ache" disease.  I've talked with his teacher, counselor, even the nurse.  So unfortunately he is going to have to be really green in order to get sent home.  Which was part of the problem on Friday.  He was having a rough tummy day and just wanted to come home, and instead he got to hang out with the nurse, and the counselor, and go to the bathroom as often as he needed - but he stayed the whole day.

To their defense, the poor staff at school had an unprecedented 4 ambulances at the school the day before.  So Alexander's "tummy-ache" seemed to pale in comparison.  The day before two children collided playing football on the playground, one walked away with a concussion and one with a split eyebrow.  The one with a split eyebrow has an older brother who by the time he got to the playground had heard that his brother lost an eye, then seeing all the blood on the concrete freaked out and ended up in the ambulance with his brother.  Next four or five children in the 5th grade all started vomiting simultaneously in the classroom.  And to finish off the afternoon a student being bullied stuck her alleged assailant in the neck with a pencil. That's all.  (Just a reminder we live in the burbs)

I wouldn't think much of Alexander's "tummy-ache" disease but he even bagged the movies last night with his dad.  He missed Journey 2 Mysterious Island to stay home with mom.  Normally I would be flattered, but I am starting to worry since it is affecting his home life, I guess it is time to rethink this, is there more?

I laid awake last night running every scenario though my head.  Is there a bully? Is it the teacher? Pressure at school, home, sports? He is once again not going anywhere in the house by himself.  Last night the boys, who I thought would soon want separate rooms, pushed their beds back together.

Am I in a hurry for him to grow up - Heck No! Hold out as long as you can that's my motto.  (But then turning 40 this year has that effect.)  I just want everything for him, especially what I did not have.  My sister made a good point, she said what about letting him call you from the nurses office, just to hear your voice.  That way you can say, I can come and get you if you really need me, is there anything you will miss, like gym or art? Since those are still a really big deal we may sell him on sticking it out.

My head knows that there is nothing really wrong and that we will get through this, but my heart lay in a million pieces as I want so badly to scoop him up and snuggle in bed with him for the rest of the day.  Just holding him tight and hoping that he doesn't grow-up, at least for today.

In memory and thanks to the best school nurse ever Louis Dobbins - I would not have made it 6 years without you - and my cot!

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