Saturday, March 26, 2011

When life hands you lemons...

I hate this expression, because life has never actually handed me lemons, but it has handed me a big pile of ...

This story is life handing you lemons
and Melissa Jones made lemonade.  Good for you Melissa!! Thank God you will get your sight back.

Unfortunately, we have had a recent barrage of sad news from friends and loved ones regarding cancer, surgery, and or a big move.  I guess that's why this expression has been rattling around in my head. We have two friends, our age with young children, who are battling cancer.  One neighbor who is probably in better health than me, that just had prostate surgery and awaits results.  Two friends, whose parents have been battling cancer, are ending the fight, a third is already resting.  My friends daughter who was born with physical and developmental delays will be undergoing yet another (#60?) surgery for a brain defect that is causing headaches.  My best friend is moving 6 hours away, and two more from school who are moving this summer.

I'm sorry life, this no longer feels like lemons.  Besides I can't drink lemonade because of the ulcer I know have in my stomach!

Try as I might to look at the positive side, like when I am standing at the sink and want to bitch about doing dishes for the fifth time in one day I say to myself, "I have a house to clean, and food to cook, and a family to cook for, everyone is healthy..."

There is just no way to spin this, it just sucks.  Every time I turn around I am on the verge of tears.  When I go into my children's room at night to tuck them back in, I sit on the edge of their bed and cry.  I know that I can't cry forever, I know that life must go on, but right now I would like it to stop - for just a minute.

Maybe it's not lemonade that I'm suppose to make when life hands me lemons, maybe it's turtle soup?

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