Saturday, March 12, 2011

I'm not Crazy!!

OK- while the jury may still be out on that one, here is one thing I do know - I am not alone.

While walking and talking today with girlfriends, commiserating about kids, life, husbands, work, etc...I found people saying exactly what I sometimes think.  These are people I respect as women, mothers, friends.  And they too sometimes feel like sending their children to military school. Thank you!!

I am not alone. I have found that place where it is OK to say, "I love my children, but I don't always like them."  What I have found as a mom is that there are very few places, and fewer people where I feel safe saying, "This job sucks! and so do I!"  Other women seem to have time to organize a clothes drive for the homeless, volunteer in the classroom, and bake bread while making dinner from scratch.

I have trouble feeding two boys breakfast cereal, while packing a nutritious lunch, and getting everyone out the door with underwear on.  And by everyone, I am including myself.  Many of my friends are very dear, I truly love them, but they are not who I call when I need to say Supercalifragilisticexpealodocious!
( I trying to somewhat observe lent and give up cussing- let's see if that lasts 5 minutes.)

I revere that generation before me.  The women that fought so hard so that I could have maternity leave and still have a job.  The women who gave up families to break the glass ceiling and especially those who did both.  My problem is they have set the bar so high.  Somehow, someway my generation bought into an idea that we can do it all.  And God love you sisters - some of you can.

I can not.  I have a common and mediocre disease called normalcy.  It causes a person to just be average - a C.  That's me.  But I'm consistent.  I will consistently plop my butt on the couch on Tuesday night to watch Parenthood, even if one of the children is still up God forbid.  I will forget at least three major milestones a year i.e., Birthday, yearly Dr.'s Appt., or school function.  I will bake two dozen cookies for the school carnival every year, rake old man Schneider's leaves every fall, and make chicken chili for friends as needed.

I will vow to go to church more often, scream a lot less, and spend quality time with my husband.  I will try to get to the gym to workout only to see an acquaintance who's been diagnosed with cancer and spend an hour crying together.  I will pray every night to be a better, thinner, kinder person - starting tomorrow.  I am average.

So ladies, find those friends, who will walk with you and talk with you and let you be exactly who God made you to be -even if it is just average.

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