Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

What a wonderful holiday, maybe because my husband and I have never put any pressure on each other to outdo, overso, or even some years do-anything.  That was more his doing than mine, what girl doesn't like a holiday centered around chocolate!

I will be headed off to the Elementary school after lunch to help with the seven-year-olds Valentine's party, last Friday it was the pre-school for the four-year-olds Valentine's party.  At the pre-school it was all about the sugar - literally and figuratively.  They scarfed down cupcakes, cookies, and juice boxes and wanted to hug.  Me, the teacher, each other.  Good thing I brought 5 games - they ended up all trying to sit in my lap as I read a story then rolled around on the floor together.  It will be interesting to see what happens at the Elementary school.

My seven-year-old brought his Valentine's box in on Friday (so that his mother would not forget on Monday!) and right away noticed the differences.  He didn't tell me until Saturday at bedtime after a long night of fighting over our Famous American report - Yes, I said OUR and you other mothers know why!  That his box was different than all the others.  The girls (surprise, surprise) were quick to point this out.  When they got the assignment to make a Valentine's box my very crafty and creative son ran up stairs found a shoe box that was brown and green and decorated it with puffy animal stickers and googly eyes.  He said everyone elses is red or pink and covered in hearts, flowers, and ribbon and one is even shaped like a mailbox.  We talked about how his reflects his personality, he did it by himself, that he wouldn't want a pink one covered in flowers anyway, Done.

My husband whose only hope for Valentine's day is a little love, romance - ok he just wants a little something something.  (Good Luck with that)  Spent Sunday driving around looking for a Florist that was open - he found one! And brought home a gorgeous bouquet.  (Alright, I'll throw him a bone)  Now I'm wondering if what I found is appropriate? He asked for something to make him feel like a I bought him IronMan underoos.  What's more manly that that??

Happy Valentine's Day!!

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