Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Who's Crazy?

So anyone who has watched a three-year-old, had a three-year-old, or has even been related to a three-year-old knows just how fickle they can be - except my husband. He has only been teaching three-year-old's for the past 15+ years.

Our son is on the middle of the dreaded "nap or no nap" phase. One day he takes one the next day he opts out, either way we all pay for it come bedtime. That is nothing new though, bedtime has never been a calm and peaceful time for us. I think I could hire violins and light candles while giving them warm lavender bathes and my boys would still find a second wind.

Several nights ago our three-year-old who did not nap but chose to stay outside and sled for two and a half hours was a walking zombie until we hit the bedroom. He didn't really find a second wind, he found a fuse. He screamed, hit, threw things, and slammed doors. I tried talking to him, I tried threatening him, I tried ignoring him, I tried spanking him, I even threw him out of the house - he was out of control. My husband was beside himself and asked me if the child was crazy.

Is the three-year-old crazy? YES! Are you that slow on the uptake - all three-year-old's are crazy. They are in such a delicate stage, Am I a big boy? Am I the baby? I can do it myself! But I can't do it myself! Hold me! Leave me alone! Hell I'm crazy just being around three-year-old's.

They are also beautifully perceptive, incredibly funny, and just what you need to turn your day around. My uncle is dying - and tonight I just could not hide the tears. The boys asked what was wrong. I told them that Uncle George that we pray for was getting ready to go with the Angles to Heaven and that it's just hard to say goodbye. That's when the three-year-old piped up. "Mommy when my heart hurts I get mad and I just need somsing, like a hug." Not so crazy that little one.......

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