Monday, January 4, 2010

Holiday Mayhem

Our family had an absolutely wonderful Holiday! The boys are at great ages to be able to go and do things as a family without the interruptions of naps, diapers, feedings, etc. We were able to go to the zoo, the movies, swimming, even a restaurant. Christmas morning was so nice, low key, the boys both got snow toys though so now all we need is the SNOW!

What was almost completely the opposite was my family's Christmas together. Many of you with small children may be familiar with the term Llama drama. From those fabulous books about little Llama and his Mama. That is pretty much how my family Christmas proceeded, let me try to explain...

The Dabbelt Family Christmas is here!
and that means Dabbelt drama appears.
Before the stockings and the tree,
there must be a fight for all to see.

Someone pouting, someone crying,
Someone shouting, someone lying.
Everyone on eggshells walks,
into the room and no one talks.

Brothers, sisters, cousins, aunties
everyone with wadded panties.
Papa drinks and Nanna's shocked
Did we raise this nasty flock?

The weekends ruined all to hell
is something burning? what's that smell?
Picture time and family fun.
Everyone just wants to run.

Let's get home and save the season,
maybe then we'll think of reason.
Why do we get together at all?
Oh, yeah. Deck the %@(_##&$ hall!

Dabbelt Family Christmas Cheer,
Maybe we can screw next year.

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