Friday, April 29, 2016

Bad people don't need a law in place to break it....

Even though I am sometimes accused of living under a rock I am aware of what is going on in North Carolina, Mississippi, and now evidently, Target. Potty talk is all the rage.

At an aftersschool event the other day I went to use the restroom.  As I was washing my hands a mother said to me "I'm just sick over what's happening at Target, aren't you?"  I was so confused. I wasn't at Target, was I? She must have seen the deer in the headlights look on my face because she said - "You know about the bathrooms." Crickets, crickets, crickets

She went on, as if I was provoking her with my blank bewildered stare. "Well, I just think now anyone who wants to go into the restrooms and {start whisper} take pictures {end whisper} can!"

Wait, seriously? Am I on a hidden camera? Do you think that bad people have waited decades for someone to change the law so that they could break it?

I did my best to stop gawking because at this point I was afraid she would call 911 thinking I had gone brain dead during the conversation. So I smiled and said - that doesn't worry me at all - and I started to walk away.

She was polite, she said "Oh, OK, so you don't worry about it" or something to that effect because that stopped me. Hell yes I worry! I worry about my children, your children, human kind in general.
Bad people are Bad people and they do not need a law in place to break it, or a Target to stalk.

Does being Trans-gendered make you Bad?  NO!  I really can't go on and on about it, because I just don't think this is something that is all that complicated.  It's a restroom, there are stalls, I don't watch other people take a dump - do you? Then what do you care what parts they have or use or need.

But I will say - WASH YOUR HANDS!!

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