Sunday, January 3, 2016

As long as you are seeing my "wild" side - Menu Week One

This is something that I started when my youngest son went to Preschool.  Every Sunday I would make a menu and a grocery list for the week.  Then I would shop on Monday morning and not have to fret everyday with that 4:00 pm scramble of "What's for dinner?" I hated that. Especially when any meat I might have had was in the freezer.

It was also an attempt to try and figure out what my family really likes because who wouldn't want to eat Taco's every Tuesday for the rest of their life? The reality was my family found lots of favorites, eats seasonally, and likes a wide variety of foods.  I still to serve Taco's every Tuesday though.

This is my actual attempt to keep track of it so that I do not have to spend the rest of my life scribbling a menu and shopping list on the back of someone's math homework and then asking the next Sunday - Didn't I just make Sweet Potato Curry?

Don't expect miracles! I may be a great home cook but I am no Ina Garten. Nor am I the Pioneer Woman heck my camera stinks as evidence from the calendar pic in the previous post and quite a few of our favorite recipes are a made up modge podge of something I saw in a magazine while waiting in the Orthodontist office or something that Gia Gia makes but can not translate.

Week One Menu - January 4th

Maybe next week I'll get all fancy with pictures and fonts and such.

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