Friday, October 9, 2015

Quote of the day today....

and some days those kids are my own....and some days it's me!!  i love that my own kids can see when I am the one that needs the hug, the support, the love. 

yesterday morning in the stress of getting out the door on time for both of us, my husband pops in to eat breakfast before going back to work which throws my son off task completely.  i start snapping and biting at people for no reason and then feel awful....I stopped my youngest before we get to the bus stop and say "I'm sorry I don;t know why I am acting this way" and he hugged me and said "It's OK Mom you're just nervous about working at the high school today." 

last night trying to get the oldest to get up and get ready for soccer practise and stop bouncing from screen to screen I finally gave up and went and sat in the car.  he came running out with all of his gear and said "Sorry! I didn't know you were waiting in the car." i just shrugged to exhausted from fighting with him every minute of everyday now on every little thing.  we rode in silence about two minutes then he put his hand on my shoulder and said "It's all going to work out Mom I promise. The kitchen looks great, the van is good, and you and dad will have it all paid off before I am out of high school!" 

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