Friday, October 2, 2015

One of THOSE weeks.....

Have you ever had one of those weeks that wouldn't end? The kind of week where by Tuesday morning you are questioning every decision you make? By Thursday you start to wondering if drinking at noon is really such a BAD idea?

Ok - that was my week. I am not sure when I am technically suppose to start the week, but this week started last Saturday.  My oldest son and I were at a soccer tournament when he decided to head another player and not the ball. We spent the rest of the tournament watching the team but not any screens. When was the last time you tried to entertain a twelve-year old boy with out electronics or any physical exertion. It was a long weekend.

Monday started with getting one to rest, one off to school, and making an appointment with the concussion clinic...for late in the afternoon right when the other one gets off the bus. Perfect. More phone calls and coordination to get that covered. Then groceries and  more policing the screen time for concussion kid. Appointment, pick-up, dinner, homework wars, and soccer for the one with out a concussion.

Tuesday is a half day at school for concussion kid and starts with a meeting at the Nurse's office before bra, make-up, or dawn. (Don't worry the weather finally changed I was wearing a sweatshirt.) After getting the next kid up and off to school I took the dog for a walk because she hadn't been out in days? it is Thursday right?

Then it was time to answer emails that had piled up because while concussion kid was not allowed to have screen time - No One should be allowed to have screen time. Whatever!  Then back to school to pick up concussion kid who was suppose to be wiped out from having the concussion and going back even half day...He was not.  I made dinner, policed screen time, quizzed on homework and missed assignments and struggled to figure out with to do with the child who is SUPPOSE TO BE SUFFERING FROM A CONCUSSION. What he does suffer from is lack of screen time which causes severe moodiness, irritation, mouthiness, and boredom.

One more kid to get home, feed, and police, not to mention a husband who throughout all of this wants my attention. Oh yeah - and he could help, maybe, if you tell what to do. Back to soccer for concussion-less child and home to homework that he "suddenly" remembered and a dinner that finally looks "OK to eat?". Help me Jesus it is truly only Tuesday?

Wednesday concussion child decides he can make it all day.  HALLELUJAH! Wait, what about the amount of time that he is spending at school with his face in a screen? Will that cause permanent damage that I have not already inflicted from general poor parenting? Should I email the teachers or do they know not to let concussion child sit with his face in the screen for 4 hours. This is exhausting.

I get everyone off to school, the dog gets walked, and I take off to finally keep an appointment to look at Granite counter tops to finish the kitchen. I forgot to eat. Well, three out of four ain't bad.  The laundry gets done, mostly, dinner gets made, homework, policing (damn these screens), and plenty of screaming and gnashing of teeth. We are darn near back to normal. Except that now I am sporting a pounding headache. But there is no soccer tonight. Yippee Ki A.

It's Thursday. Concussion child is making it through school all day and I have had a productive meeting regarding our kitchen counter tops however it was an hour drive - one way.  Crap- I have a doctor's appointment that I forgot about. Good bye Thursday's productivity. It's time for concussion child to get home and the dog really needs a walk so does concussion child because he is bouncing off the walls. Is this a good idea? What were the doctor's instructions again besides limit screen time - which I have done SO great at anyway.  I think he was actually taking the dog for a walk then I step outside and realize that he used the dog as a cover.  He is standing outside the neighbors front window watching their TV. Ugh. I made a decision right then and there. "Get dressed you are going to Cross Country practice." I took him back up to school told the Coach he was cleared and sped away.  Of course after words I thought what the heck am I doing? What if he truly has a horrible concussion and I just ruined his brain. Help me Jesus! or Calgon! Or vodka!!!

The husband is home, again. He wants attention. He wants to know what I'm doing. He wants to know what's for dinner. I want to know what the sentence is if it is not pre-meditated? Number two son comes home and we once again fight over getting homework done, getting ready for soccer, and life in general. I'm done! I'm pooped - parenting sucks. And I STILL HAVE A HEADACHE. Dinner is leftover's the soccer bus leaves at 6:30. I'm going to my room.

Yes - husband MY room. You are not invited. sighhhhhhhhhh.

I pick up concussion child from Cross Country practice praying that not getting a phone call was a good sign. My usually bouncy, rambunctious, energetic child saunters over to the car. Crap. I ask tentatively, "How did it go? How do you feel?"
AWESOME I rocked the sprints I beat Jacob then I .......

Thank you Jesus. Score one for me - it only took till Thursday. Night.
Now I can ignore the remainder of the screaming, yelling, and gnashing of teeth that I have yet to endure this evening and go to bed with the satisfaction that just once this week, I got something right.

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