Monday, February 3, 2014

Sorry kiddo - we're just C's

As a mother there are many things that you hope that you do not pass onto your children: mental illness, diabetes, severe acne - averageness.

My ten-year-old son was invited to a birthday party at an indoor water park yesterday.  He came home so excited and talking a mile a minute about his experience.  He talked about how cool the water slides were, they had a lazy river, and that they had pool basketball which would have been good enough.

Just before he went to bed, as fatigue was setting in and the depression from watching the terrible butt kicking the Denver Broncos were getting in the Superbowl, he started to get melancholy.  He was lamenting his luck.

"Mom I am just not lucky. Like, I never win anything. You know like tickets and stuff like arcade games.  I had like 92 tickets and Jack had 230 and he wanted a watch so I just said 'here take mine' because the only thing I could get was the crap like a tootsie roll or one army guy. It just stinks."

Oh my. It does stink. And you got this from me. Sorry. If you put my husband and I in the same March Madness pool, poker game, or raffle he is guaranteed to walk away a winner. Me - not so much. 

When he travels he gets that "Ooopps" we need to put you in first class. I get the "Ooopps" we had a problem with the toilet that you are sitting next to Missbut it is closed for use during this flight. We apologize for the smell.

When we go to a restaurant he will get the "Sorry" we forgot your order we will take that off your bill and get you a dessert Sir. If I go out it is never sorry, it's just a forgotten meal that comes out cold and then gets overcharged. Why - just because!

If we walked into a store together I swear to you he would be the "LUCKY 100th Customer - You Win!"

But I am not bitter, much.  I have come to realize that there are people who always score the A and those of us who will always score the C. I can live with that. It could be worse? It could be a big fat F.

So I hope that helps you my beautiful boy.  Because I know it took me 40 years, or so. Oh heck - Hang tough it gets worse before it gets better, but at least we are in this together.

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