Friday, April 19, 2013

I'm the @ss....

Someone is messing with my son's teacher.  I love this woman.  She is a great teacher and has been so good to my son that I am quite protective.  A little too protective. And naïve. And talkative.

She sent me an email today asking me to stop talking about the situation.  She's right!! I'm the idiot that can not fathom this parent trying to start trouble with her, so what do I do? Keep saying to people "Do you know what some parent is doing to this wonderful teacher?!"

Why am I always so taken back with complexity of human nature? I live with all boys for goodness sakes.  Boys that will pull dirty clothes out of their hamper and actually smell them - like it makes a difference - then put them on.  Boys that would rather sit and pee their pants then put Super Mario on pause to go to the bathroom.  Boys that will put a dish in the sick rather than a dishwasher, put an empty carton back in the fridge, or walk out of a bathroom instead of grab a roll of toilet paper.

Have I lived among them for so long that I am becoming one of them? Or am I just plan stupid?  I use the term Socially Retarded, and I do not mean it offensively at all, I mean it literally.  That in the area of overall social skills I am lacking in many areas.  That's why this teacher had to say -  SHUT UP LADY!

It never dawned on me that I was doing exactly what the other parent was doing - talking about this teacher.  I was so outraged that a parent was trying to start a rumor about this teacher  - how dare they!  But what did I accomplish by talking about the parent trying to start trouble?  Nothing, but I guess I was looking for the person who had the answer.  It's not a good enough excuse.

Why do people start rumors? Why do people intentionally hurt others? Why do people blow up marathons runners? Why do they kill a classroom of innocent First graders? Why do they start wars? Fly Planes into buildings? WHY?

Perhaps I will never know why, but I do know that I'm the ass for trying to make sense of it at all.  Now it's time to shut-up.

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