Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Rags to Riches - Riches to Rags???

So I wonder, is it easier to go from rags to riches or riches to rags?  I wonder because my husband grew up very very poor.  I grew up and if we wanted it, we got.  His family owned a car once for maybe a month before his father got into financial trouble, again, and they took it away.  I have four brother and sisters and we all got a car when we turned 16.  He still prefers day old bread because they couldn't afford fresh, and thinks it's cozier with all the lights out because they went years (yes - years) without electricity in their apartment.

We have plenty.  I should not complain, although sometimes I do.  Because I wish it were as easy as it looked when I was growing up.  I spent someone elses money - and that's really easy.  Just ask our government.  He grew up with no money to spend, his, theirs, or otherwise.  His attitude, if you don't have it, you don't spend it.  In other words it took almost 10 years of marriage to finally get a credit card and to this day there isn't one in his wallet.

I know that we are adding another person to the household and the stress level around here, at least between he and I, is through thte roof.  He opened the credit card bill and had a fit.  How can you spend that much, we need a budget, stop spending money.  Sure honey! That is such a great idea, I didn't think of that.  Let me ask everyone to stop growing, eating, and living so that we can stop spending money.

He never likes my answers?  I also said, maybe it is time I think about going back to work.  He dosen't like that either.  My sister's theory is that he is to afraid that dinner will not be waiting on the table when he gets home.  She's probably close this is definitely one man whose heart is in his stomach.  Our first date was hanging out at my apartment watching a movie - after I cooked dinner for him.  He's been around ever since.

There are days when I feel frustrated.  I hear other people talk about taking their kids to Disney World, playing three sports, an instrument, tutoring, major sporting events, eating out, shopping at a mall, etc... And sometimes I wish it were just that easy.  To spend money without considering every nickel and dime for months and calculating, planning, and prioritzing.  But it is not.  This is how we are able to give our children, our family all the things we have and my goodness do we have!!

A beautiful 39 year old house with plenty of room and warmth, an amazing backyard full of trees and bugs and snakes, a fridge that is always full of something good to eat, fantastic neighbors who have done anything for us, great schools where the kids are safe and sound and growing, and a healthy, happy, Nut'sO crazy family.  What more could I ask for?

OK, maybe a litte less nuts!!

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