Tuesday, August 9, 2011

it's all relative

I started out thinking I was going to write about turning 39, hense the title "it's all relative", but after watching an episode of the Jersey Housewives while I folded three loads of laundry that has taken on a whole new meaning in my head.

Aren't those housewives all related? And not just with the mob, I am the marriage kind of related?  It's funny to watch them interact with each other on camera; one arm hug, pecks on the cheek, plastered smiles then all the one uping, snide remarks, more fake smiling (and boobs) and then they turn around and say to a camera man - LIKE NO ONES GOING TO HEAR - "She is such a b!tch.  She thinks she can sing and sh!t and she's all fake..."

Hello?  and then people are surprised when these women throw down at a wedding in six inch heels and floor length gowns.  Who knew?

Ok, time to come up with a letter title for my rant about age??

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