Sunday, August 7, 2011

do over

I want a do over! she calls from box one
box two and three shrug and look down
but the girl in box four says No Way!
and she is the ultimate one

why doesn't democracy rule
on the playground you follow a code
there are kids in charge and most are not
and that's just the way in schools

but box one insists she has the right
she looks to her friends for help
but they are too scared of the one in charge
they will not get in on this fight

I want a do over! she says with a stomp
hands on her hips like her mom
she tries to look big, as big as a house
as she trembles with fear of a romp

for just one moment the world seems to stop
as she stands in the crackling air
defiance is hard and it makes her feel weak
until box four shrugs and head drops

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