Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Right O Govner!

We have started a pattern lately, that Dad walks in after I've read to the children and said prayers -to lay down with them.  Well, it started as going in to lay down with them, then it was to say Greek prayers, then it was Greek prayers and five Greek words, and it has now morphed into a Greek words wrestling match giggle fest.

So much for getting to bed on time.

Tonight was no exception - we are reading book two in a series I highly recommend - The Incorrigibles: The Children of Ashton Place. (If your library has it, listen on CD, it is excellently read)
Since we listened to Book one, and it was read in a very proper British accent, I of course, have to read the book in my best Midwestern proper British accent.  Thank God no one but the children are listening.  However, I digress.

After reading a chapter and saying prayers with the children my husband walks in and my oldest son who has been laying very quietly the entire time I was reading announces - I think I have three boys.  Of course there are three boys I say counting my husband, and two sons.  No I have three BOYS, my son says.

We call their balls - their boys.

"Ah, Well", I said in my Best Midwestern proper British accent as I back out of the door, "This one is for you Ole Chap! RightO, I'll be going now - you can check for extra boys Gov'ner! Cherrio!"

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