Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Non-winning essay

It didn't win but it was great to have skin in the game - thank you to everyone who read all 62 revisions. Love you!
2016 Erma Bombeck Essay Contest Entry

“I Married It”

Being from the Midwest and having strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes, and the last name Pimenidis, I often get the question, “Where’d you get a name like that?” That’s a great story.  It’s a modern day I Love Lucy except he is all Greek with olive skin, dark hair, deep brown eyes, and a loud passionate personality.

I transferred from a big university to a small college to pursue a degree in education. One night desperate to finish a paper before it finished me I went into the computer lab.  After spending an hour trying to figure out how to use the computer and another two hours trying to type it with two fingers I was nearly finished.  When suddenly this, this, Greek comes busting through the door of the computer lab. A relatively quiet computer lab, except for all the buzzing, clicking, whirring, and humming of 90’s computer machinery.

He yells from the door, “Hey everybody! How’s it going?!” I was speechless. Oh, but it didn’t stop there. He proceeded to go around the room and talk – loudly – to everyone.  Totally miffed I huffed and puffed and sent my paper to the printer.  Then I stormed out of there bewildered. Who did that man think he was anyway!

He was the kicker for the football team and I was the “transfer” student from the big university.  He was the Big “Greek” on Campus and I was the uptight, off campus education student just trying to graduate.  It was a small school which meant our paths often crossed and soon I called him the Geek and he called me the Bitter.

Well, several months later after I had returned from a visit to my former University to see sorority sisters and catch up with friends there, I was sitting in the lobby of our small college classroom building.  I had a newly acquired button on my school bag that simply read “GO GREEK"

He immediately came over to where I was sitting and said, “You gotta give me that button!” I was in a pretty good mood so I said “No way, I don’t even like you” smiling and hugging my backpack playfully.  To which my future husband replied, “I’m the Greek, everybody likes me. You have a beautiful smile you know that? I see you around, but I don’t see you smile much, you should do that more often.”

I’m not sure how, but those few words, that simple compliment was enough to sway me from hater to dater.  It was the first of many Humphrey Bogart moments.  That’s why whenever someone asks where I got that name, I just smile and say – “I married it.”

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