Thursday, September 25, 2014

Test this!

It takes a major meltdown or five for me to figure out that my third grader is feeling a little too much stress.  Tonight was a whopper of a meltdown including a naked chest clutching child screaming "I'm going to Die!"

After 60 minutes of listening to screaming I wanted to clutch my own chest and scream "I wanna Die."  However, I could see that there was a bigger issue than the neighborhood soccer game gone arye and I needed to get to the bottom of it.

After finally getting the child to calm down and talk I discovered that he got two handball calls in the soccer game this week and Coach pulled him out of the game and his teammates "yelled" at him.  Translation - he was embarrassed.

What does this have to do with Third Grade you ask? Ah, but give it a moment.
 For I too was stupid enough to say it's just soccer, Don't sweat the small stuff.

No it wasn't just soccer.  Now as third graders they are taking several - that means three-  sets of standardized tests.  This started last week and as part of the Language Arts teachers practice for the big tests she is giving them little tests and scoring them in class.  So everyone gets to see if they are a 4,3,2 or 1.

Ahhh. I heard you sigh. I told -you would see where this is going.

"Well Jacob got a 4, and Lucy, and Isabella. And Deny got a 3..."

No matter how many times I tell my kids they are good enough and smart enough there will always be a standardize test to tell them they are not.  You know what I say - TEST THIS!!

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