Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Gene Pool

With summer now officially over and the weather turning quickly to cold, I am already longing for lazy easy days at the pool.  Ahh, the pool.  Got me thinking about just how much parenthood is like the pool.  Call it the Gene Pool.

Getting pregnant is taking a big chance, diving into the deep end before you really know how well you can swim.  You hope for the best.  Funny how two people get together and what comes out is neither him nor her, but the funniest combination of both.  With a side of grandparents, parents, and siblings.

While you are pregnant you dream about a little mom, or little dad.  And all of us, and don;t say that you didn't, have silently prayed that that they don;t get the dreaded...something.  Dad's crazy hair or big second toe, mom's buck teeth or red hair.  Whatever it is once you're pregnant you start to put the children together.  Wouldn't a girl with my hair, your skin color, my eyes, and your height be gorgeous?

Funny though, when the child arrives no matter whose toes or hair they have you fall in love immediately and there is no turning back.  Which is good because by one year-old you start to realize that not only do they most certainly have dad's crazy hair, but they also have his stubborn streak.  That's when you realize the pool is soooo much deeper than you thought.

From then on when relative, friend, or stranger says "Oh he looks just like his dad!" It's hard not to add, "Yeah and he's just as freaking stubborn!" Or "Oh my, she's is going to look just like you." You bite your tongue not to say, "And she's gonna be just as awful when he's 16."  Because even though we hate to admit it, we know darn well the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

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